You Need To Court A Girl Instead Of Trying To Impress Her

When you approach her

Women can be…interesting to try and understand, right? You may think you’ve got it all You Need To Court A Girl Instead Of Trying To Impress Hertogether. You may have the looks, the build, the right clothes, the job, drive a cool car designed to be a babe magnet. You can be charming and have the easygoing ability to chat with strangers. But sometimes, even after you get a girl’s phone number are you still going home alone and feeling a little like a dud even though it certainly does seem like you’ve got it all? One thing to remember, before you head out to a bar or social gathering or to the mall to go shopping or even to work, is women just naturally like emotions. Keep that in mind as you read on and think about how to approach a girl.

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Emotional attraction

You Need To Court A Girl Instead Of Trying To Impress HerWe may not exactly like all that mushy gushy junk, but there it is. If you learn to “act naturally” and learn how to reach woman’s emotions, you will become much more attractive to women. It’s a typical girl thing. Learning how to approach a girl means you have to know about her thinking process, and the way her heart works, and how to open it. These can seem like incredibly intricate subjects to learn, but it’s not that hard, if you remember one important rule—keep the focus on what she likes, not what you want. Males are not typically well known for putting the subject of emotions on the front burner, or even caring much about all that junk. The reality is, however, that’s what women like. So, if you act like you do like emotions and care about the “precious” and “cute” things in life, you will stand a better chance of success in getting past just getting her phone number but not a date.

What women love

How do you court a girl and deliver your lines about the funny little stories girls and women You Need To Court A Girl Instead Of Trying To Impress Herlove with confidence? First, try thinking about and how you can eventually tell any kind of a story, really, that has some sort of an emotional attraction or pull. Think about stuff you noticed just in your daily life. Just to give you an idea of what to keep an eye out for, here’s a few ideas. Perhaps, walking down the street in front of your home, did you come across a little girl standing in the middle of the sidewalk right in front of you. So naturally, you would ask, “Hey why are you crying?” And then the little girl tells you how she lost her doll. And a woman would like this story even better if you stopped and helped the little girl find it. (Again, this is just hypothetical, just to give you an idea how the kinds of stories women you talk to might like.) Or, how about this? Again, you are walking down your street and hear a pitiful meow, look up and there is a cat stuck high up in a tree. So, even though you are on your way to work, you decide to put all that on hold, climb the tree and rescue the cat. Women love this.

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Don’t boost your confidence with her

Little, seemingly unimportant stories like these will get her heartstrings thrumming and she’ll You Need To Court A Girl Instead Of Trying To Impress Herbe ready to sympathetically to more from you. But now that you’ve got her attention, you only have a brief timeframe in which to take the conversation to the next level. Don’t forget how you got her attention in the first place. You seduce a girl by appealing to her emotions. Think about that a moment. You provided an emotional magnet and her emotional compass needle is now pointing right at you. Now is not the time to change the subject. Her attention is right on you now; it’s possible you could get a bit of a case of stage fright at this point. Perhaps she’s really beautiful; she really just takes your breath away. If you get nervous, it can be tempting to fall back on a less emotionally charged subject—how well you are doing in your career, the great deal you just got on a new car, etc. Those are the things that definitely help boost your confidence when talking to your male buddies.

The ball is in her court

But if you are talking to a pretty girl or a beautiful and sophisticated woman, watch out. Her eyes may start to wander and land on another guy if you shift gears and start trying to impress her instead of court her. When you are courting, the ball, so to speak, is definitely in her court. If you’ve got her attention and she’s listening to you with undivided attention, you’ve received a precious gift. Try thinking of yourself as a very lucky man instead of a stranger passing the time by making small talk. Instead of your new car, or problems at your job, or whatever, the subject is her. If, for example, you’ve just told her a cute story, watch her reactions. If her face lights up and laughter tinkles like soft rain on a wind chime, those are probably pretty good signals you are on the right track. Now is the time to declare you knew stuff like that was important to her. Why? Just because she has a very intelligent light in her eye. Or something like that. Compliments are always going to get her attention and thinking you may be an interesting person. But don’t overdo; women also are equipped with amazingly accurate baloney detectors. If any of your “compliments” ring false, she’ll start to pull away, maybe even frown or roll her eyes at the ceiling.

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How To Approach Women With Confidence

How To Approach Women With ConfidenceWhat is confidence anyway?

It comes from believing in what you are saying while talking to women, or, at least, acting like you do. In other words, now is the time to take advantage of your advantage. Establish some topic or idea or person you seem to have the same feelings you can share in common with her. You helped the little girl find her doll. Okay. Now, just to continue the hypothetical conversation, you could bring up a closely associated subject, like, say, the world would be a better place, if people weren’t so self-involved and narcissistic. A line like that will almost undoubtedly provoke a response from her, where she brings up her own little story…and away you go. Talking about what she likes, not what you want. If she brings up, by any chance, something negative, like her boss, who may do all kinds of terrible things, so much the better; now, you can be there for her, offering sympathy.  A woman likes a man to pay attention to her, but not so that it’s obvious and “in her face.” It can be difficult in our male-dominated world, where the ones who are most aggressive and seize the opportunity, are most admired, to hold back and let the other person do the talking and actually listen to what they are saying. But her rewards for your doing so are what you want, right? There is a bit of truth to the advantages of being the “strong, silent type” when it comes to attracting women.

A Note on ConfidenceHow To Approach Women With Confidence

Every step of the way you take toward a positive conclusion to your first date is going to be easier and even fun, if you act with confidence. Studies have been done on what differentiates the confident person from the not so confident wallflower. Confidence is not so much about how much, or how loud you talk. It’s really more of an attitude. Which, of course, is rooted in mental strength. And what is that? It comes down to an ability to stay focused and avoiding distractions. Psychologists conducting these studies all agree on one thing: that being yourself and acting naturally is much more attractive to women than trying to play a role. Being centered in yourself means you have the strength to listen and anticipate, when you are talking to women, where they are going to lead conversations. If you know that, then you can already be there, ready to sound like you support the girl you are dating when she brings up, for a hypothetical example, a traumatic experience she had at work that day, or something else. Also, having self-confidence means you can take rejection if, God forbid, it should happen and move on to the next girl. Confidence in talking to and attracting women, as with any sport, grows with practice. So, get out there, walk right up to beautiful women, fuel their emotions and get ready for them to call you!

When You’re Dating A Woman

When You're Dating A WomanDon’t necessarily text her

Definitely, you don’t want to, if you can avoid it, use her phone number to text her a generic platitude like “Nice 2 CU.” To effectively court a girl, you want her to hear you, the modulations of your voice so she will remember the way she felt the last time you shared a bond with her. Since you already planted the seed the first time you met her, when she hears your voice she’ll start imagining what it might be like to be with you again. Even something as simple as drawing out your response and pausing a nanosecond or two after she says something to you now on the phone, will start her imagining again about being with you. You want, like any good storyteller, the suspense to build. Then, suggest dinner and a movie, but not at anyplace too glitzy or over-the-top upscale/expensive. Not on the first date. Remember, you want her to focus on you, not on stuff you think might impress her.

Keep the focus on herWhen You're Dating A Woman

When you pick her up, keep the conversation as casual as it was before, when you met the first time. Again, when dating a woman, keep the focus on her. If she invites you inside her home, compliment her on nice things you see in there. Especially if you see a “conversation piece” type of painting or sculpture or even just a big healthy-looking plant. Notice what she’s wearing, the way her hair is arranged. Anything that looks like she did it to “look nice,” you should definitely compliment. But keep it simple; don’t tell her you saw some celebrity movie star wearing her hair like that in a copy of People magazine you were reading that very afternoon in the waiting room at your dentist’s office. To seduce a girl, just keep the focus on her.

Being There For Her Is The Way To Seduce A Girl

You need to be YOU

To court a girl is where you definitely don’t want to start talking like a robot or generically, Being There For Her Is The Way To Seduce A Girlsaying things anybody could say. Now, she wants to know more about you. So, you’re sitting in a crowded bar or standing next to her on a wide verandah at a party in a mansion. Here, at this point in the conversation, is where you plant the seed. Continue building up the bond between you, but now you can be a bit more specific about what it would be like for her to see you in person the next time.

Ask her phone number

Make what you say about the bond you now have in common simple, direct and natural and, of course, not generic (something anybody could say). And then ask for her phone number. Since she feels that emotional bond now, chances are she is going to remember you when you call and respond positively the way you want. Remember, she wants you to “be there” for her and make her feel the way she did the first time you established a connection.

Touch her naturally

While you are having your first conversation with her use her sense of touch like punctuation. Being There For Her Is The Way To Seduce A GirlWhen you told her it is the little things in life that matter, just before she laughed so agreeably, would have been a good time to casually touch her on the elbow. Use your common sense, touch her when it feels natural.

Engage in conversation

At dinner or wherever you decide to take her, bring up subjects you know she has opinions on, and then sit back and listen as she expands on them. The idea here is that, no matter what she happens to be talking about, you are going to “be there” and support her.